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By what criteria should you choose children’s shoes?

Initially parents should measure the length of the legs every 8 weeks for the first 3 years of life, while in older children every three months. In the event that a child wears a pair for months and suddenly refuses to wear them, it is a sign that a larger size is needed.

They should check both the length and width of the shoe and make sure it fits the child’s foot well. A good shoe fit is when there is a thumb-width gap from the big toe to the edge of the shoe.

Importance must also be given to the heel of the shoe, it must be wide in order to favor the stability of the child and of course not exceed 0.5 cm, so as to absorb shocks.

They should prefer shoes with laces or velcro to allow for a better fit and support of the foot.

It would be good to prefer shoes made of canvas, leather and suede, as they are materials that allow the foot to breathe properly, thus avoiding rashes and unpleasant situations due to sweating.

Once they choose a pair, they should let the child wear them and walk a lot with them. The reason is that in this way they will be able to identify problems of instability, slipperiness and generally how easily the child walks. Additionally, once the shoes are removed, they will be able to check for any red marks on the feet, which means that these shoes are putting pressure on the area and are therefore not a good choice.

Using older shoes used by other children is not the best option. The cost can be high, especially when new pairs have to be bought very often, but a new shoe will fit the child’s foot better. , allowing him better gait and stability.

In any case, parents should consult their pediatrician before choosing shoes. The pediatrician, knowing the physical development of the child and observing his feet, is able to give the appropriate instructions for a correct choice, according to his needs.

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